What is Coliving and How Does it Work?

October 16, 2023

Curious about what the coliving experience is like? The rise in popularity of coliving spaces and lifestyle presents a modern shift for affordable living solutions worldwide. Major cities around the globe have influenced the way we adapt and evolve our living conditions. However, coliving like communities have existed for multiple centuries prior to the glorious 1960’s “peace and love” era.

Through the following you will find valuable answers to frequently asked questions surrounding the coliving concept. We hope these serve as a guide for your decision making during your apartment search.

What is coliving?

Coliving is a contemporary way of living that offers a variety of communal living arrangements. Some coliving companies now provide shared or private room options. The standard for most coliving communities is the fully-furnished and shared common areas.

The coliving experiences are a growing trend in major U.S. cities and around the world. Its benefits highly differ from the conventional apartment living solutions.

Co-living spaces

Here is how coliving options vary from most housing solutions:

  • Communities of like minded individuals
  • Shared economy for affordable living costs
  • Additional luxury amenities hard to find in traditional city housing
  • Such as (onsite patios, theater, laundry units, gyms, lounges, workspace, living and game rooms)
  • Collaborations and networking
  • Easier roommate matching process

Most coliving spaces offer “all inclusive” rates, which include cleaning services, utilities, and personalized lease contracts. This makes coliving very attractive to anyone seeking to reduce living costs and have flexibility in metropolitan cities.

Is coliving legal?

There are a variety of regulatory laws around the world that enable coliving companies to offer shared living experiences. Major cities have adapted their regulations to house multiple individuals under specific building structures and shared living conditions. The main goal for the adoption of new regulations is to enable affordable housing in larger urban markets.


Coliving has evolved to offer more than just affordable shared living options, it is now a concept that enriches people’s lifestyles in big cities.

Who is coliving for?

The hassle of finding the right roommate that will commit to terms with you on a traditional apartment lease is not a problem with most coliving options. The concept of coliving attracts students, working class individuals, mid to long-term travelers, tech pros and entrepreneurs. Since coliving offers the opportunity for social and professional networking, individuals looking for personal growth will benefit greatly from the knit community environments.

Affordable living solutions

Moving into a new city, meeting new people to live with, and finding a comfortable place to live can be tedious tasks. With more young professionals embracing sharing ride apps and living spaces, millennials are most likely to commit to modern coliving experiences.

Why is coliving becoming more common?

Major cities pose a great challenge for young professionals with their high costs of living. However, creative living solutions, such as coliving, are becoming an excellent option for those craving social encounters in a high-tech and fast paced world. The rise of innovation and the real estate crisis in major markets have opened the opportunity for additional shared experiences, aside from ride-sharing apps.

Co-living San Francisco - tribe

Some may compare coliving to the traditional apartment sharing and college dorms. However, most coliving communities offer more than affordable shared living; nowadays, coliving spaces offer professional growth resources and added convenience with their all-inclusive services.

Where is coliving most common?

Now accepted in European and Asian markets, coliving spaces are most common in metropolitan areas across the United States. Progresive cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Seattle, Chicago and San Francisco showcase the rise of coliving communities.

Considering high real estate costs across metropolitan areas and the desire for flexibility by young professionals, coliving spaces offer a great alternative for city living. The evolution of coliving in general may be unknown, but it promises interesting lifestyles for young professionals open to sharing experiences. All coliving companies have a big responsibility of maintaining safe living spaces in order for these experiences to evolve in the coming years and decades.

Coliving communities

Cities with high-cost of living may pose great financial challenges for most, but also bring fresh perspectives and innovative living solutions.

What is HIVE Coliving like?

At HIVE Coliving, our shared living conditions are unlike any other coliving spaces. Located in the heart of San Francisco, HIVE Coliving offers convenience, affordable all-inclusive rent (wi-fi, water, electricity, etc.), coworking spaces (for those working remotely), a gym area, theater/dance room, an industrial size kitchen, laundry room, and a growing community of motivated individuals.

Tribe Coliving San Francisco

Thriving in one of the most expensive cities in the world is not a problem when you’re part of HIVE. Our in-house community events and experiences offer limitless opportunities for growth and joyful lifestyle.

At HIVE, we place a high priority on a safe and comfortable living space. Our professional cleaning and disinfection crew provides our members with peace of mind, especially now when health and safety are among the main concerns in major cities. We are committed to going beyond conventional measures to ensure members safety.

Our amazing HIVE community, provides anyone that is new to San Francisco with unique networking and socialization opportunities. HIVE members include international artists, active university students, entrepreneurs, architects, engineers, chefs, and more. Some of the most common shared activities at HIVE are hiking trips, pot-lucks, game nights, project collabs, dance parties, and knowledge exchange meetups.

Tribe Co-living Experience

Don’t take our word for it! We invite you to check out HIVE Coliving reviews for additional insight on coliving in San Francisco. Feel free to also schedule a virtual tour with us to check if HIVE is the best coliving for you in San Francisco.