Coliving in San Francisco

October 16, 2023

Why should you choose co-living in San Francisco? San Francisco is a city bustling with life and creativity. The city has just about anything and everything, which is why all kinds of people want to live here. However, rent prices being extremely high in this part of the world make it the perfect opportunity to join a co-living experience. Other reasons why co-living in San Francisco is very popular are:

  • Networking opportunities
  • Ambitious people wanting to create, expand, and grow within a community of like-minded people
  • Diversity within a niche
  • Human’s natural need for community (especially during these trying times!).
Is San Francisco a good place to live

Why choose co-living in San Francisco?

So why should you choose to live in San Francisco? More specifically, why choose co-living in San Francisco? Well, the city has a lot to offer, even during a pandemic! San Francisco is surrounded by beautiful forests, mountains, beaches, and to top it all off, it’s full of parks. All of which are easily accessible even without a car. This means that an outdoor experience of any kind is within the city’s reach.

During normal times, San Francisco has more than just the outdoors. Cafe’s are really popular spots to work, relax, and meet up with people. Wine bars, dive bars, and clubs also offer different experiences in the city. Let’s not forget the amazing variety of foods. San Francisco has a food culture that is hard to replicate anywhere else.

Parts of San Francisco

Moreover, the city has a unique personality as the people living here. San Francisco has been described before as the Paris of California with cafes and wine bars spilling out their personality on the streets in the form of decoration. Although modernized, the city still holds a lot of the post-Colonial architecture, giving it a very unique and mixed aesthetic that is hard to get anywhere else.

All of these should be reason enough to live here, and just like the place itself, the people of San Francisco bring a new light to the city. Here people are unapologetically themselves, allowing for diversity in the city so you’ll surely meet someone interesting upon your arrival. Trust us, you won’t regret living here!

Popular neighborhoods in San Francisco

San Francisco is a pretty decent size for a city, and like any city it has some great neighborhoods to live in. Some of the best San Francisco neighborhoods to live in are:

  • SoMa
  • Russian Hill
  • Lower Haight
  • North Beach
  • Bernal Heights
  • Potrero Hill
  • Mission District
  • Pacific Heights
  • Marina
  • Sunset
  • Presidio

Each of these popular San Francisco neighborhoods has its own unique and diverse personality, and since the city is pretty easy to get around they’re all pretty accessible.

Best neighborhoods in San Francisco

Why is co-living popular in San Francisco?

San Francisco is a good place to live, but it’s quite expensive. In fact, part of the reason why co-living in San Francisco or shared living, is so popular is due to the rent prices. Whereas traditional renting can be very expensive, community-living facilities have more flexibility on their prices and can even be an affordable alternative.

Another reason is the ease with which one can meet people in these types of housing. For those coming to San Francisco to network and chase the success of Silicon Valley, co-living can help accomplish this. Similarly, those wanting to make friends and network with ambitious, intelligent, and interesting people, find a niche in co-living.

Coliving experience

Many people come to San Francisco for internships, jobs, investor opportunities, and more. Even with Silicon Valley, Stanford, and UC Berkeley so close by, many want to live in the city to get the urban-living experience. Co-living offers that opportunity with more affordable prices and more opportunities to create vibrant communities.

What is shared and communal living like in San Francisco?

Co-living in San Francisco is very unique. In part, due to the types of people that live here, but also because of the history of shared living in the city. Communal housing in San Francisco goes all the way back to the 60s and 70s, when the era of Peace & Love brought together young people en masse to small houses.

The tech boom and the birth of the Silicon Valley giants also brought with them the idea of Hacker Houses, as demonstrated by Facebook. This want and need to experience cut-throat innovation in a small house with smart and ambitious people looking to build something together grew the co-living housing experience.

What it’s like to live in San Francisco

Nowadays, co-living experiences are shaped by the value we give to experiences over material goods. Co-living now takes the form of businesses offering community hosted living spaces. They entice people determined to learn and grow from each other by creating a community rather than a home.

Co-living in San Francisco could be summarized as a shared house where people network, innovate, and grow as a community.

What is shared and communal living like in San Francisco during a pandemic?

This new take on shared housing hasn’t gone away with the pandemic. During these lonely times, it is important to maintain a healthy house. For that to work, housemates must respect each other’s boundaries as well as the recommendation of health officials, both of which HIVE does.

This does not mean that we can’t still build community. Because there is a significant number of community members, it’s easy to go on hiking trips, park excursions, or biking through the city together. Moreover, following safety and best practices, coliving houses can still enjoy some semblance of normality within the house’s walls. Which makes it an oasis for human interactions during self-isolating times.

With this, it is important to stress that there’s a large emphasis on cleanliness and mask-wearing within the community. Now, more than ever, is important for members of the community to hold each other accountable for everyone’s safety. After all, we still share many of the living spaces.

How is living in San Francisco

Where is HIVE Coliving?

HIVE Coliving is located in the heart of SoMa. During regular times it boasts some of the most interesting events around the area, including Folsom Fest. It’s walking distance from some of San Francisco's most popular attractions, making it the perfect location to live in. Theses are just a few:

  • Financial District
  • Downtown San Francisco
  • Chinatown
  • Salesforce Park
  • Embarcadero
  • Mission District
  • Oracle Park
  • Mission Bay
Co-living apartments san francisco

What is there to do in SoMa?

SoMa is close to downtown, making it one of the best parts of San Francisco to explore. There are a myriad of things to do in the area, all of which you can enjoy with the friends you make through co-living in San Francisco. There are a couple of museums in the area, including the SF MoMA.  Other things to do include visiting Salesforce Park, Yerba Buena, and the Embarcadero.

The area also boasts of some great cafes and restaurants that are easily accessible, such as Pentacle Coffee, Sightglass Coffee, Montesacro, and Mathilde French Bistro.

But because of the ease of movement, if you want to explore more than just SoMa you can easily hop into an Uber, or even rent some e-bikes and explore more of the area.

Don’t take our word for it! We invite you to check out HIVE Coliving reviews for additional insight on our San Francisco location. Feel free to also schedule a virtual tour with us to check if HIVE, and SoMa is the best location for you. Check out our Social media channels to find out if co-living is the right fit for you.