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Why Hive

Rooms | Doubles

Living Your Best Life In San Francisco

Double rooms start at $1,000 for a month-to-month lease or $900 when you sign a 4-month lease. By choosing to live with us, you'll be able to save time and energy by not worrying about a tedious vetting process.

Utilities & Daily Cleaning: $150 Flat rate for all room types (Includes internet, energy, water, house supplies, garbage, maintenance, and fire alarm)

We've already done the hard work for you- all of our residents have gone through an extensive screening process before we ever let them move in!

We also hold regular events like movie nights and community dinners so that you can get to know your roommates better and feel more at home.

Ready to get started? Please fill out an application today or give us a call!

*Special promotion only applies if you choose a 4-month lease as your initial option. Once the 4 months are over you'll be moved to a discounted month-to-month lease.

We encourage you to ask us about the discounted rate after the initial 4-month lease!

Sharing Your Living Space, Made Easy

We’ll give you the perfect roommates to make sure you feel like family. And if you ever need a place for friends from out of town, we even offer day passes to our communal areas and kitchen.

Getting the perfect roommate is easy – just fill out an application or give us a call. We’ll go over all your preferences and make sure you get the living situation that best suits you.

And if for any reason things don’t work out, we offer accommodation options so you can switch up your space as needed.

We don't just match people blindly, either – ensuring everyone has an enjoyable living experience is of utmost importance to us.

Our promise to you is that we will pair you with someone it makes the most sense based on your personalities and what you tell us about yourself during the application and interview process.

We believe shared living space should be enjoyable, not a chore! In most cases, you won’t need to worry about changing roommates, as we pair people who click and end up becoming good friends!

So don't wait – get started with coliving today and find your perfect roommate. Life is too short to compromise on having fun while living with others. We'll make sure that doesn't happen here!

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FAQs About our Shared Rooms

How do you pick roommates?

We pick your roommates based on your personality and interests, when you talk to the community manager, they'll try to know you better to place you with people you will get along with and fit your lifestyle.

My budget increased, can I switch to a private room?

Yes! Depending on the availability of our private rooms at the time of your budget increase, we can definitely accommodate you in one of them.

Rooms | Doubles

What Makes Hive Different From Student Housing or Shared Accommodations in San Francisco?

When looking for student housing or shared accommodation in San Francisco, you usually have to worry about finding someone who is reliable, trustworthy, and compatible with your lifestyle.

With Hive, this process is made simple and straightforward! Our resident matching system takes into account personality, preferences, and living habits – so you don’t have to stress too much.

At Hive, we also strive to create a sense of community for all of our residents. We hold regular events like movie nights and dinners, so you can get to know your roommates better and feel at home.

Plus, it's easy to find activities in San Francisco – there's something for everyone!

Get Ready To Make Lasting Connections

We want to help you get the best possible roommate and living experience. That’s why we take the time to match you with someone who shares your values and interests – so that you can make lasting connections and friendships.

So don't wait – find out more about Hive's coliving today! We look forward to helping you find a great roommate and create an amazing living experience.

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We look forward to welcoming you into the Hive family!