Here's how our application process works

Submit an initial application here (this will let us know what you’re looking for and why).Immediately after, you will schedule an interview time with us.

After your interview, we would schedule a virtual tour of the premises.Once interviewing and touring is over, we’ll ask you to submit an application of lease which includes a background & credit check (this takes 2 business days to verify, and costs approximately $25).

Once the background & credit check comes back clean, you’re ready to move in!Ready to apply? Head over to the initial application submission!

Who is Hive Coliving for?
How fast can I move into Hive Coliving?
What are the steps in the application process?
How do I pay every month? Can I pay electronically?
Can I have friends visit and stay over?
Where can I learn more?
What does it cost to move into our coliving in San Francisco?
How do the leases work?
What happens after the interview?
How do utilities work in a coliving?
What is the average length of stay at a coliving?
Are the community spaces cleaned?
Does Hive Coliving charge broker fees?
Do I get to choose which location I live in?

More Questions?

Contact us at +1 (415) 735-5011