What to do in SoMa San Francisco

October 16, 2023

SoMa in San Francisco is a district encompassing multiple distinct areas of the city. By having such a huge area of exploration, those new to the city will find plenty to do in SoMa San Francisco.  

Where is the SoMa District in San Francisco


This area is also full of history, restaurants, trendy cafes, stores, and other activities. HIVE Co-living is centrally located within SoMa, allowing for ample exploration — here are six things to do:

Salesforce Park

Located at the heart of SoMa San Francisco, Salesforce Park is a must see in San Francisco. Salesforce Park is unique in that unlike all the other parks in San Francisco it is inside the Salesforce tower. Salesforce Park is, thus, cozily embraced by both the park’s greenery and the city skyline. The relatively new park features plants from all over the planet, including Asia, Africa and South America.

Other amazing features of Salesforce Park are its amphitheater, water fountains, and playground. In the summer there will be events hosted there. If you’re lucky on a Thursday or Friday you might even be able to grab a beer during the company’s Happy Hour.

Salesforce Park San Francisco

On the weekends the park becomes more quiet, creating the perfect atmosphere for picnics, yoga, or quiet city dates.

Ferry Building & South Beach

One of the best things about living in San Francisco is the proximity to the ocean and bodies of water. San Francisco is nestled in between a vast number of beaches and the bay.

South Beach is a great place to see the Bay Bridge while biking next to the bay. The area by the piers surrounding South Beach is full of life and art, while also having a bit of grassy areas.

Ferry Building Farmer's Market

While walking South Beach towards the Ferry Building you will encounter outdoor musicians, performers, and more keeping the sightseeing lively.

Seeking an outdoor experience? You can sit in any cafe or pop-up restaurant outside the Ferry Building and enjoy the view of the Bay. Otherwise, you can head inside and explore many of San Francisco’s niche products. If you walk about 5 minutes north you’ll find the Exploratorium. This is an incredibly fun and hands-on science museum full of life-size experiments. There’s so much to do along the Pier!

Pier 40 & Oracle Park

Another great area to explore in SoMa is Pier 40 and Oracle Park. These two iconic areas of the city sit next to each other, making it the perfect place to explore.

On normal days, Pier 40 is bustling with activity since most of the ferries in the city leave from this pier. Walking through Pier 40 you can see rows of ferries, fishing boats, and even yachts worth millions of dollars. If you’re lucky, you may even get a glimpse at the famous San Francisco seals playing in the water.

Pier 40 San Francisco

If this isn’t exciting enough, you can always head over to Oracle Park. Here you can enjoy a game with the San Francisco Giants during baseball season.

In the off-season, it is still a grand arena worth visiting. Oracle Park can amaze anyone through its size and amazing view right by the bay.

This area is also teeming with restaurants, bars, and cafe’s, making it perfect to grab a bite by the ocean. Some of the most popular places include:

  • MoMo’s, where you can grab a drink while enjoying the ocean breeze
  • Rooftop 25
  • ROOH
  • Caffe Centro

Mission Bay

A more quiet area of SoMa is Mission Bay. This is a growing area in the city and it has a more quiet and family feel to it. Whatever pace of life you’re feeling that day, SoMa district has everything.

Mission Bay is the perfect place to explore small and cozy parks. It is a great place to find yourself sitting while sipping some Blue Bottle coffee, and enjoy the sun and bay breeze. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even make some dog friends. Mariposa Park is probably the most walked through park in this area as it has some nice paths that make it easy to get around. Mariposa also has tons of green spaces, making it a perfect place to sit with some friends and have an impromptu picnic, maybe even with some wine for an extra kick.

Spark Social SF

Mission Bay also boasts of a weekly farmer’s market, where locals gather to buy locally grown goods and try some new local eats. If you’re someone that enjoys what locals have to offer, this will be the place for you.

Hungry? Check out Spark Social, a really cool and decked out food truck park. They have tons of fusion foods, boba, beer, and a beautiful outdoor seating area. It's perfect for an easy weekend out with friends Looking for an after-food activity? Spark Social also has an outdoor mini golf area, providing said perfect activity.

Yerba Buena & SFMoMA

A livelier place of the city, for those of you who prefer a more city-like atmosphere is the Yerba Buena area. This area is vibrant with museums, bars, restaurants, and cafe’s, all within walking distance of each other.

If you want to feel like you’re in the heart of the city, this is the place to be. Yerba Buena Gardens sits in the middle of the city. Therefore, making it a cozy little spot where people like to sit and hang out, while potentially experiencing recreational herbs.

Yerba Buena Gardens San Francisco

This special garden sits comfortably near multiple bars, such as Tabletop Tap House and 3rd Street Tap Room. Hungry for more? Walk in any direction and find delightful cuisines ranging from Indian, to Mexican, to Vietnamese, to anything your heart desires.

If you cross the street from Yerba Buena Gardens, you’ll bump into one of the most popular museums in the city; the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art or SFMoMA. Here you can enjoy the multiple exhibitions that are shown year round and perhaps a pop-up exhibition. Whichever it is, if you’re in the SoMa area, the SFMoMA is a must.

Rincon Park

If you like to stay active, Rincon Park  is a great place to run or bike to from HIVE Coliving.

This park by the bay is full of quirky statues, funky-looking trees, and of course, a clear view of the gorgeous Bay Bridge. There are top-rated high-end restaurants, which make it a prime spot to be in if you’re feeling ready to impress Come visit at night to get a perfect view of the Bay Bridge’s incredible art installation towering over you. Whether you’re training for a marathon or on a first date, Rincon Park offers a breathtaking view for anyone to enjoy.

The Embarcadero by Rincon Park

Where is HIVE Coliving in the SoMa District, San Francisco


Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the city and HIVE Coliving for reviews on the location. If you feel like SoMa and Coliving is a fit for you, schedule your virtual tour today!