What is Living at Hive Coliving Like?

October 17, 2023

Though coliving isn’t a new concept, each coliving community has its own culture and personality. We at HIVE are no different. Our culture is shaped by our community, and we are lucky in how diverse this community is. This diversity allows us to have an always changing culture, one that encourages new experiences. However, our core values are still there. No matter how many people come and go, and how diverse and different they all are, at HIVE we stick to our core values when looking for new members.

Want to learn more about who we are and what living a HIVE is like? Keep reading!

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Our HIVE Values

In order to live in such a large community, we have to have something that keeps us together. Each HIVE member fits into our community because they follow and believe in certain values. These values are what makes HIVE a working unit.

So what are these values? The values that we hold in our coliving community include: respect, camaraderie, curiosity, creativity, innovation, and open-mindedness. Every member at HIVE exhibits these values, which is what makes our community so open.

Part of everyone sharing common values in our community, means that we can hold each other accountable when need be. Moreover, sharing values in such a large living community makes it easy for new people to open up and become part of us.

Similarly, because we are looking for people that exhibit our values, very rarely will you meet someone that goes against our values at HIVE! Our application process makes sure that those who eventually sign a lease are  fit for our coliving community.

Living in a coliving house can be difficult for many, and it may be scary. However, when someone within HIVE starts to exhibit behaviors that go against our community and values, we always make sure to take action immediately in order to keep our community intact.

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HIVE Coliving is a Community

Moving to a new city can be hard. More so if you’re coming from a different state or even country. Not knowing people can be hard, which is why many of us have anxieties around finding good roommates and making friends in new cities.

However, with coliving you get handed to a whole community. While no one is expected to be friends with everyone, having more people to interact with on a daily basis makes it easier to find people with common interests. It also makes it easy to go on activities and explore the city.

Everyone at HIVE Coliving does their part to let new members feel like they belong instantly. Moreover, our members push each other to accomplish goals, reach new goals, and overall have a good time.

Being part of the HIVE community also means that we try to work together as often as possible. We encourage each other and help each other when need be. We try to embody the mindset of no one being left behind.

Everyone has something to offer, something to make our community stronger and better. More than a community, we become, and are to a degree, family.

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Coliving in a House of Entrepreneurs

HIVE is a diverse community of individuals, but some of our standout individuals include entrepreneurs. Living at HIVE you’ll quickly find out that there’s a good amount of hungry individuals trying to find new solutions to everyday problems.

We encourage these individuals! Having a hunger to learn, create, and innovate is important to us. Therefore, we, as a community, do what we can to build an environment for these individuals to thrive.

We like to promote open discussions in which these entrepreneurs can understand new nuances they hadn’t thought of before. Or encourage them to understand their target market by asking us questions. Overall HIVE, being a coliving house, allows for such diversity in people that it is easy to experiment with thoughts and opinions for those who need it.

Out of HIVE many new business ideas have come out. They’ve all taken advantage of the knowledge the community provides. Some notable companies that have thrived because of the consistent push of smart individuals surrounding them include Booste, For Goodness Cakes, The Glocal Strat, Puzzl, and Repl.it.

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Coliving with Artists

Although HIVE Coliving had its beginnings as a Founder House and still maintains some of that essence, there’s another side to us. Our coliving community hosts plenty of artists, ranging from poets to photographers and more. This diversity allows for continued growth of the community. Having artists means that there’s never a dull day at HIVE!

The artists that live here or have passed through HIVE have made an impact on the community. Some of the color in the house has become more alive thanks to them. Having people that, although just as hardworking as our entrepreneur, like to let their creativity out in different ways adds spunk to our HIVE.

They also like to share their talents with the community. Oftentimes you’ll see the artists in the house encourage those who don’t see themselves as artistic. Whenever there’s artists in the house, HIVE feels more alive.

Having people that bring color to our everyday life makes our coliving community feel more like a home.

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The HIVE Community Holds Weekly Events for Everyone

You may be wondering, how do all these diverse people come together? It’s simple, we continuously host events. These can be either hosted by HIVE Coliving or by any of our members. Having members that want to share their hobbies and interests with the community is what brings us together.

Breaking the ice can be difficult, and that’s where we come in. Having community events hosted by us allows us to create an environment for new members to be comfortable. It’s also an easy way for new and old members to know each other. We want our community to feel as welcoming as it can to everyone who passes through our doors!

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Do you want to know more about what living at HIVE is like? Check out our Youtube Channel! A few of our members have shared what it’s like living at HIVE in San Francisco. Be sure to also check out our other blogs to know more about what coliving is like. Interested in becoming one of us? Schedule your interview today or call us to learn more.