Coliving, the New Stay for Students of Coding Bootcamps

October 17, 2023

San Francisco is the tech epicenter of the nation. With major global companies calling the city home, Silicon Valley is the place to be for coders, developers and analysts. From established professionals to those just learning the ropes, coding bootcamps are a popular choice for brushing up on skills. Now, it is easier than ever to connect with others in the industry thanks to the help of coliving. These spaces are great  for coding bootcamps students and are popping up all over the area. So are you looking for a place to call home while studying? Our team at HIVE Coliving is here to break down some of the most frequently asked questions about coliving.

What exactly is a “hacker house?” Can you tell me more about it?

Yes! It is important for coding bootcamp students to understand this history. The concept of coliving dates back decades. They were actually quite popular in the 70s. With rent skyrocketing in urban areas, residents became more open to adopting the lifestyle of the shared home. As tech-focused professionals flocked to Silicon Valley, the region developed more of these coliving spaces. They became dubbed hacker houses. These houses are perfect for those in tech looking for more than just a place to lay their head at night. These spaces are ideal for bouncing ideas off of each other and collaborating on projects. We’ll get into this a bit more later on.

hacker house san francisco

What are the benefits of hacker houses in San Francisco?

With San Francisco being so tech-focused, hacker houses provide an opportunity for professional development. Given the setup of coliving spaces, many choose to work remotely from home. Living and working together allows the opportunity to continue conversation in a more casual environment.

Through that extended interaction, many coding bootcamp students say it becomes easier to master a skill. While you might code a certain way, your housemate might have another approach. Working on an upcoming project but missing a partner? Another housemate might be interested in joining in. Word easily spreads regarding job placements and other opportunities. Home quickly becomes a place to network and dwell.

Bay Area startup house

What about a Bay Area startup house?

Startup houses are typically associated with cities like San Francisco and other urban areas with young, ambitious  professionals. As the owner of a startup, you know cutting costs and budgeting is important. Working from home is one way, but with the cost of living on the rise, space can be limited. That divide between work and home is necessary. Startup houses are the ideal solution for those who are self-employed for continued networking.

Alternatively, startup companies in the Bay Area partner with these houses to offer their employees a place to live. The new working mindset is steering away from the traditional 9-5. Work from home and flex hours are an appealing job perk. Startup houses provide that opportunity. If you are a coding bootcamp student looking for employment, consider this in your negotiations. If you are an employer, check out what options are available in San Francisco that best fit your office culture.

I've been accepted to a coding bootcamp in San Francisco. What should I look for in a coliving space?

As we mentioned, coliving spaces are all about community. Here, you should feel comfortable, surrounded by like-minded individuals. Home to people from across the world, it is a great opportunity for meeting others from different backgrounds.

During your search, we recommend requesting a tour before moving in to envision living there. Ask what amenities are available and evaluate what is important to you. How many others are you looking to live with? At HIVE´s San Francisco Folsom Street location we have 50 rooms and offer traditional amenities with more modern options. These include electric, trash services, a gym, furnished living rooms and open concept office areas. In their free time, HIVE residents enjoy a game area, music space and theater room. The industrial kitchen and dining hall allows for connections over meals. Our residents often hold dinner parties and cook for each other. We also have a cleaning and disinfectant team that comes in 4-5 times per week.

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Also think about the neighborhood. Are parks and quiet for you, or are you looking for the hustle and bustle? A quick trip can take you into the city’s best hidden gems. San Francisco is home to local cafes, food markets and shops.

Lastly, think about the duration of your coding bootcamp. Coliving spaces allow the flexibility to be nomadic and pick up and go when you are ready. This makes them a more affordable and practical option compared to renting or buying. Some residents will stay about six months to a year. Others stay even after their coding bootcamp is over whether working or continuing to study. They truly love the community aspect.

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What is the relationship between coliving and off-campus housing?

Not all coding bootcamps offer accommodation. However, some do have third party partnerships for students. These co-living options are full of community members who are eager to connect with others. They bring a diverse background and skills to the table and value collaboration. There is often a community manager. This person plans outings, themed nights and is on call to answer any questions. Your typical off-campus housing might be just that. They do not necessarily have these added accommodations. Check with your coding bootcamp to see what housing options are available.

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How is coliving different from coworking?

Coworking is just that. They are spaces designed specifically for working. Coliving combines housing and working spaces into one. They allow for discussion, relationship building and collaboration between cohabitants in a professional and personal capacity.

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Want to learn more about coliving right in the heart of the city without breaking the bank? Apply here in just a few minutes. We screen all of our members because who you live with matters. Check out our YouTube channel or any of our blogs! Contact us Welcome to the HIVE!