Startup Houses: Best Move for Entrepreneurs | Find Your HIVE in the Bay

October 17, 2023

Young professionals are looking to grow their network now more than ever. However, the pandemic has made it difficult to meet people. What's more, people going back home and away from Silicon Valley has left an empty vacuum for up and coming entrepreneurs to meet up. It's for that reason that startup houses, or co-living, is starting to pick up again for entrepreneurs as a method to meet likeminded people.

Startup houses, communal living, or co-living are great places to grow one's network. These kind of living situations oftentimes bring people who are looking to expand their horizon and open themselves up to new opportunities. Part of the appeal of co-living for entrepreneurs, besides the aforementioned, is the ability to co-work with people that have similar interests — even if they're not in the same industry.

Does any of this sound like you? Or does it sound like the perfect place to learn from others how to expand your ideas? Then keep reading, and find out why HIVE co-living might be the ideal place for you.

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What are Startup Houses?

Startup houses are places where a community of young entrepreneurs meet like-minded people. They're the perfect incubator for people who would like to open their own business and develop their mental, physical and spiritual intelligence. These entrepreneur houses allow for easy flow of communication, trading of ideas, and constant growth.

These epic entrepreneur houses are also a cheaper alternative to paying your own house, bills, and outside networking events. Especially in the area of Silicon Valley, co-living is an opportunity for entrepreneurs to work, develop, and grow. All while staying home.

HIVE is one these living spaces san francisco where entrepreneurs get to do all of that and more. At HIVE we have entrepreneurs from all over the country (and even the world!). All of them are eager to share their thoughts, opinions, and advice with each other.

What's more, HIVE also hosts people that although aren't entrepreneurs themselves, allow individuals in this category a different worldview. We agree that it's important to have likeminded people in order to move in the same direction. However, HIVE isn't an echo-chamber of entrepreneurs. We host people with different goals in life, different outlooks, and different experiences. All of whose experiences also allow entrepreneurs to have a better, more well-rounded growth opportunity.

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Co-live and Co-work

Co-living is not only just that. It also encompasses co-working, especially now. We all know how the pandemic has affected where we work from. Work from home can be hard for many people, but does it have to be? The answer is no.

Many entrepreneurs are now taking advantage of this new era of work from home in order to work on their side projects. Many are becoming digital entrepreneurs, in the sense that they move mostly in the digital space. However, there are limits to that, and co-living looks to solve them.

Normally, digital entrepreneurs would've opted for paying a fee in order to join WeWorks or any similar co-working space. But in many co-living and startup houses, co-work is included in your rent. When you sign a lease you're also given access to a co-working space. And in times when you're supposed to limit your time outside, having co-working areas at home are pretty nifty!

Co-work allows for the easy and instant flow of ideas between multiple people. Digital entrepreneurs, if alone, end up having to wait for responses and feedback. So having a place at home that allows for this instant response makes the working experience better.

HIVE has a nice co-working area. There we have multiple desks where people can find themselves working both on personal projects as well as regular 9-5s. The benefit of our co-work space is that it allows for every hardworking individual to ask for feedback as well as give some. The co-work area at HIVE feels more personal, which makes it easy to walk up to someone and exchange thoughts.

HIVE's co-working area is one of our best features. So if you're a digital entrepreneur looking to build your community, HIVE could be the spot for you.

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What are the Benefits for Entrepreneurs to live in Co-living in Silicon Valley?

We've already listed many of the benefits for entrepreneurs to choose co-living or startup houses. But what is it about San Francisco that makes co-living spaces a better option?

The answer is simple. If you're an entrepreneur looking to meet other entrepreneurs, Silicon Valley is the perfect place to be. But with rising rent prices and the fact that the city is opening up at a snail's pace, co-living gives a new opportunity.

Co-living spaces are meant to allow networking at home to be easy. Co-living spaces in San Francisco have many entrepreneurs to network with. What's more, Silicon Valley usually attracts smart, passionate, adventurous individuals. They're always trying out something new and aren't afraid of failure. Co-living in Silicon Valley makes it easy to meet people like this, because they're also looking to grow their circles. They see the benefit of co-living here and you'll often find people making something out of nothing.

Many entrepreneurs have passed through HIVE, and many are still at HIVE. Some HIVE alumni are Booste, For Goodness Cakes,The Glocal Strat, Puzzl,, Gauzz, HiGHMAGS, and Mindesk.

Each of them have learned from each other as well as different members in the community. If this sounds like the epic entrepreneur house you've been looking for, then HIVE might be your fit!

Digital Entrepreneurs Building Community

HIVE co-living is not only great to network and co-work. It's also the perfect place for digital (and non-digital) entrepreneurs to build a community. Something a successful entrepreneur should have is diversity in their worldview. Having a community that, as likeminded as it is, also questions you is what allows for growth.

HIVE has the diversity of startup houses. Each of our entrepreneurs comes from different places, different backgrounds, different experiences. But they all want the same thing: growth. The best way to achieve this growth is with a community that supports you, guides you, and ask you the right questions.

Digital entrepreneurs do well in co-living because it allows them to grow their community in person. Moving online can get lonely, and the community can very easily dissolve. But when you create a community in person with people you co-live and co-work with, the bonds formed last a lifetime.

If you're an entrepreneur looking to grow your network, live in a place with other entrepreneurs, build a community and work, all while at home, then HIVE is for you! Feel free to check out our other blogs and testimonials before you make up your mind. Or if you're all set on us, feel free to schedule your virtual tour today!