Great Summer Housing Options for Bay Area Internships | Why Coliving?

October 17, 2023

Are you looking for summer housing in San Francisco? If you're a student with an internship in SF this summer, coliving may be the right move for you. Finding a place to move to, whether you are from the Bay or not, can be difficult. Especially as an intern. If you need to find roommates, make friends, or something flexible that won't break the bank, coliving may be the answer you're looking for.

You may be wondering, what is coliving? Coliving is a common style of living in San Francisco. It usually takes the form of a big house with many rooms (private or shared). The common spaces are shared by multiple people. You can read more about it on our coliving blog.

San Francisco Summer Student Housing

Coliving Has Flexible Leases

San Francisco can be a hard place to find student housing for the summer. Rent is expensive, and having to sign a 6-12 month lease adds the problem of having to find sublets for the months you will no longer need. Finding sublets that are flexible can be hard too. Especially since they can be expensive and require commitments longer than 1 or 2 months.

Coliving can solve the issue of flexibility. Since coliving can be as short term as you need, it allows for flexible summer house rentals. Coliving allows you to have month-to-month leases, or if you have a longer summer internship in the Bay, you can adjust your lease to your needs.

HIVE Coliving currently offers month-to-month and 4 month leases, which fit perfectly for summer internship housing.

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Coliving Makes Living in San Francisco Less Expensive

It's no secret that renting in San Francisco is expensive. Many students sometimes opt for renting around in the Bay. However, that also comes with added expenses. If your summer internship is in the FiDi or Downtown SF, living in Oakland, Berkeley, Fremont, or any other surrounding areas adds extra commuting time.

If you're trying to experience the city of San Francisco for your summer internship, it's better to find housing in the city.

Coliving offers a cheaper alternative in some of the most popular districts in the city. Coliving also comes with utilities included, as well as furniture, events, and more, making it a better alternative for summer housing. Especially since in many places you still have to pay extra for the utilities, and that's if you even find a place with furniture!

Summer internships come hand in hand with a need for a flexible, short-term lease. Coliving provides that and more.

Summer Student Housing

First Time Living on Your Own? Coliving Makes it Easy

Transitioning from your parent's house or a dorm into a full living situation can be very difficult for some people. There are lots of things that you suddenly have to be responsible for. Bills, utilities, groceries, and even furniture is something that we forget we need to pay for when we start living on our own.

Coliving can make this transition smoother. Coliving is a great mix between having a place of your own and living in a dorm. When you chose to live in a shared house there are certain things that are provided within your rent payment. Some of these include:

  • utilities (water, electricity, wifi, etc.)
  • bathroom essentials
  • kitchen essentials (cookware, dishes, etc.)
  • furniture (beds, sofas, desks for co-working, etc.)

Having these needs met makes it easy to focus on buying your groceries, cooking for yourself, and just enjoying yourself. Having a community also helps hold yourself accountable for your personal stuff such as doing your laundry and washing your dishes.

While for some people doing such things seems like second nature, there are some that are still trying to get the hang of it. Having a group of people that are in different walks of life allows you to comfortably find what best works for you!

Bay Area Internship

Need to Expand Your Professional Network for After Graduation? Coliving May Be Right for You

Getting an internship in the Bay is an exciting feat. Especially since it's the heart of Silicon Valley. As a student carving your way through the professional world, making connections with the right people is very important. That's why choosing coliving as an option for your summer housing might also be right for you!

Coliving hosts people from all over the world doing all kinds of things. If you're looking to learn something new from people in the area, coliving is the way to go. Coliving houses allow for driven and entrepreneurial people to thrive. They feed off of each other's experiences while also opening new doors.

Silicon Valley is also known for its coliving situations (be it hacker houses or hippie houses). Many well known entrepreneurs, such as Mark Zuckerberg, passed through houses much like HIVE. And it works out, you never know who you might meet and what opportunities you'll open for after college when you join a coliving house for the summer.

Summer Internships San Francisco

Do You Want to Make Friends Fast? Try Coliving!

When moving to the Bay due to an internship, you oftentimes find yourself moving by yourself. Many who look for summer rentals do so on their own, they don't know anybody in the city and that in itself can be scary.

Coliving is therefore a great alternative for making friends in a new city. Because of the nature of coliving, you automatically will be sharing a space with many people, all with different personalities.

If you're shy and don't know how to approach people, someone will approach you and start a conversation with you. If you're extroverted, you will easily find people to talk to and ask questions to. In whichever end of the spectrum you find yourself, people will immediately include you into their plans, making moving into a new city easy!

Coliving also makes it easy to explore the city with as many people as possible. Since there's a multitude of different personalities, you'll always find someone to explore specific parts of the city with.

The best part about coliving is that you get a friend group handed to you as soon as you move in. Be it a long term lease, or just a summer rental. And this group of friends will stay connected with you through the experience and the memories you make together.

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