Are You a Digital Nomad? Coliving Could Be for You! Find Your Hive

October 17, 2023

With today’s technology, almost anything is possible. Over the last year, we have adapted to a digital remote world, but it is not a new concept. From social media to video conferencing, it is easy to connect with anyone, anywhere at any time. Does the idea of living or working somewhere new excite you? Are you always on the go? Welcome to the world of digital nomads. Our HIVE Coliving spaces are home to so many others like you. We asked some of our residents what their biggest questions were before they joined the HIVE. Here are a few of our favorites.

As a digital expat, I’m always on the move. How do I pick a city?

Many digital expats share this exact question. We found that a lot are young millennials leading at the intersection of tech and business. Whether as analysts, social media specialists or programmers, they are navigating these worlds. They are flocking to big cities in search of other like-minded professionals. San Francisco is the tech hub of the country. As a result, many coliving spaces in the city are home to digital expats. Here they are able to reap the benefits of coliving like no other.

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What are some of these benefits for coliving digital nomads?

Community is first and foremost. Coliving is about more than just living together. It is all about collaboration and building relationships. While at home bonding over a cup of coffee or while making dinner, conversations are constantly flying. It is easy to develop ideas for projects or concepts for new apps. Discussion is often about updates to social media algorithms or photo editing platforms. Know someone looking for a graphic designer? Your housemate might be the one for the job. Need someone to build a website for yourbeauty vlog? You’re in luck. Your new floormate is a wiz. Many say they leave with personal and professional growth, learning from people with different backgrounds and cultures.

The digital nomad lifestyle makes it easy to connect with the rest of the world from anywhere. With this in mind, many digital nomads pick up and hit the road every so often. That is kind of hard to do with a whole house or apartment full of belongings. Coliving spaces make that easier. They can come fully furnished, have stocked kitchen necessities and on site laundry. Other amenities like a gym eliminate the need to deal with membership transfers. Each coliving space will offer different amenities so it is best to find one that caters to your needs. At HIVE, we also offer a game room and theater to stay entertained. Our cleaning crew comes in four to five times per week to take the guess out of every mess.

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I’m looking to be more location independent. Is coliving an option I should explore?

As we mentioned, today’s technology makes it easy to set up shop wherever and for however long you please. More employers are beginning to realize that job flexibility in hours and location are deal breakers. Not having to sign a long-term lease makes location independence even easier. Coliving caters to this idea, giving residents the freedom they need to fit their lifestyles.

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Are coliving spaces ideal for remote workers?

We get it. Commuting to an office in the city to work a 9 to 5 just is not for you. Coliving is the perfect solution. Skip the commute. Skip dragging your set up to a local, crowded coffee shop. Even skip working from your bedroom. Coliving spaces have designated workstations for residents in an open, collaborative atmosphere. Here you can find everything you need, from desks to outlets, internet connection and more. The best part? It is available any time of day, so you can work on your own schedule.

As we touched on, employers  are starting to realize the shift in mindset as well. Many are implementing options into employee benefit packages. Especially in San Francisco, there is a rise in coliving communities that partner with some of the city’s biggest businesses. They work together to provide housing for employees who prefer the coliving lifestyle. This allows for flexible work hours and environment and increased work from home. It also allows for after-hours team growth and bonding.

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Are there options for digital nomad housing in San Francisco?

Although often alone, we are starting to see more and more digital nomads traveling together. Many stop in San Francisco. The city has much to offer to anyone brave enough to come. Digital nomads often meet in one city and band together for adventure. During the mornings they get work done. The evenings are all about getting out there and meeting others.

Digital nomads never stay too long, but they get to explore all the city has to offer. Some follow the warm weather. Others follow certain industry conferences and camps to help develop skills and networking opportunities.

San Francisco is home to a great social scene. There are coffee shops, bakeries, fitness studios and shopping. Bars have open mic and karaoke, and there is no shortage of parks. Fisherman’s Wharf is also another popular spot to hang by the water. Of course, there are tons of hidden gems only the locals know about. Discover them via the buses, metro or the signature cable car.

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I’m an online entrepreneur. How can coliving help build my business?

That’s the beauty of coliving! We have residents from around the country and even the world. Some stay longer than others, but the impact is the same. A chance to connect on a deeper level than just a networking event or living with a roommate. Many stay in touch even after their time in the HIVE. They continue to share opportunities and collaborate as everyone grows personally and professionally.


I want to leave the corporate lifestyle and become a solopreneur. Do you see this often?

Yes! Many of our coliving residents are their own bosses. Whether taking that first step in starting their own business or building a side hustle, coliving is great. It is also perfect for seeking advice from those who have already taken the leap of faith.

Thinking of packing your bags? What are you waiting for? Learn more about coliving at our San Francisco Folsom Street location and apply here. It only takes a few minutes. We screen all our members because who you live with matters. You can head to our YouTube channel and check out our blogs for more details. Have more questions? Contact us Welcome to the HIVE.