What is the Holiday Season Like in a Coliving? | HIVE Coliving

October 17, 2023

When you live in a different city or even country it can be hard to travel back home and celebrate the holiday season with your loved ones. Alternatively, you may not like going back to your family house but you also don't like feeling alone. However, when you're living in a coliving community the feeling of loneliness that is common when staying away from your family during the holidays is avoided.

In a coliving house, the holiday season is similar to that of any other holiday season. However, there are definitely some benefits of living in a coliving during the holidays. Food and "family" activities are one of the main holiday season benefits. During this time, people like to get together and cook or watch holiday movies, among other things. Keep reading to find out how the holidays are at HIVE   Coliving.

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What is life like during the holidays at Coliving homes like HIVE?

Many of our members at HIVE are remote workers, digital nomads, and students. Some of our students and even workers are from all over the world, which can make it hard for them to go home. Especially if they're originally from places like Europe or other far away places. So during the holidays, although a good chunk of the house goes back to their roots, there's still plenty of members around. Therefore, being at a coliving community for the holidays is a great place to be if you get lonely.

A typical day at HIVE coliving during the holidays includes many of our members taking advantage of the free time. They get together and explore places outside the city or go on short trips nearby. In the past, we've had members go to Lake Tahoe for the weekend after Thanksgiving, or to Napa Valley just as Christmas is getting close.

Other things our members have done is host private brunches for each other. These brunches are hosted by different members of the coliving house who get together to cook a nice meal that everyone can enjoy. Around Thanksgiving, our members like to throw a Friendsgiving to include those who will be going home for the holidays as well. It's a great way for our HIVE Coliving members to bond and be thankful with each other during this time.

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How do we celebrate the holidays at HIVE Coliving?

The time around the holidays is very lively at HIVE Coliving. We have groups of our members coming in and out of the house from trips in and out of the city. Or we consistently have people playing games and overall enjoying each others company.

However, during Thanksgiving and Christmas respectively we like to get the members that stayed behind together for a "family" night. For Thanksgiving we tend to throw a potluck where everyone makes something to eat and drink. We follow the potluck with games or karaoke in the living room. Do be warned, our members are very competitive and when they pull out the board games you may be in for a long night of fun!

For Christmas, we do pretty much the same thing. However, we also tend to have a white elephant exchange or our members may decide to have a secret Santa exchange.  This is a great way for everyone to get together and have fun while exchanging Christmas gifts. It's also a great time for our members to bond further as a "family" and enjoy themselves.

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Overall, the holiday season is great at HIVE Coliving thanks to our members being together for the holidays. We play games, watch movies and even host potlucks so we can enjoy each other's company while staying strong. This is especially important now, since last year coliving during the holidays with the pandemic was complicated. So this 2021, we plan for HIVE Coliving to make up for it during these holidays!

Why is it so important for our Coliving to make everyone feel at home during the holidays?

The holiday season is supposed to be fun and filled with people you love. However, when you're an international student or digital nomad, it can be hard to spend this time with those you love. Spending the holidays alone can be sad, especially if you can't be with your family. It's not fun to spend holidays alone, which is why we try to make the holidays an important event for our community.

No one wants to be alone for Christmas, but sometimes we have to. Students and workers that are from far away or digital nomads that find the tickets too expensive to fly back home can always have a home at HIVE.  We want everyone to be able to enjoy the holidays with people around them who can make holidays special.

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The holidays also allows our members to get together and explore new things. They're meant to distract our members from the fact that they had to stay. Moreover, they're meant to show the members that haven't experienced a nice holiday before that we are a family and we take care of each other.  

So, holidays alone aren't the same as holidays with people who care for you. This is why we like to get our members together for holidays, especially the holidays that are hardest to spend alone.

Some of our favorite things about the holidays at HIVE Coliving

Holidays are an important time to get our members together. It gives us a chance to bond and remember what is important in life, each other. Holiday traditions are also incredibly fun to bring in with our members! For example, decorating the kitchen and living room during the holidays is always something we do during the holiday season at HIVE Coliving. Also, Holiday parties are particularly fun for us! We like to get together and play games, eat food and drink drinks with the people we care about.

At HIVE Coliving, our members can enjoy spending holidays with other digital nomads or students while exploring new traditions that they may not have had before! Holiday season is fun at a coliving with people from all over the world. We're always trying to share each other's traditions and holidays and make everyone part of the celebrations. Holiday season is a wonderful time to be at HIVE Coliving with our digital nomad members.

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In conclusion, the Holiday Season at HIVE is very different from being alone in your apartment. Holiday traditions and potlucks make it more of a community and less like everyone is spending holidays alone. Furthermore, we can spend these holidays together and enjoy each other's company.

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