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Ready to elevate your city living experience? Look no further! Hive Coliving San Francisco is your gateway to an exciting urban lifestyle filled with community, convenience, and affordability.

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At Hive, we've got you covered! Our multi-story apartment complex is a haven of community, convenience, and unbeatable value. When you choose to make Hive your home, your daily commute becomes a thing of the past. Why? Because everything you need is right at your doorstep.

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Your Ideal Space Awaits

  • Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey in the heart of San Francisco? Hive Coliving offers a range of room options tailored to suit your needs and budget:
  • - Single Rooms: Starting at just $1,550 per month, or $1,225 with an initial 4-month lease. Your private oasis in the city.

    - Double Rooms: Enjoy the company of a roommate while still having your own space. Starting at $1,050 per month, or $850 with an initial 4-month lease.

    - Triple Rooms: Ideal for the social butterfly in you. Starting at $850 per month, or $725 with an initial 4-month lease.

    - Utilities & Daily Cleaning: $150 Flat rate for all room types (Includes internet, energy, water, house supplies, garbage, maintenance, and fire alarm)
Why Hive?

Why Choose Hive Coliving San Francisco?

Find out why Hive is the perfect place to start your new life in San Francisco!

Prime San Francisco Location

Say goodbye to long commutes. Our coliving space is strategically located in the heart of San Francisco, putting you right in the center of the action.


Hive Coliving isn't just about a place to live; it's about finding your tribe. Forge lasting connections and create unforgettable memories with fellow residents.


Enjoy modern amenities, from fully equipped kitchens to cozy common areas and lightning-fast Wi-Fi – everything you need to make your Hive space feel like home.

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Services are offered without contract and can be modified at any time.

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Services are offered without contract and can be modified at any time.

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Clients Speaks

Our Testimonials

Our team is well trained and highly qualified experts in professional cleaning and disinfect services to keep all types of premises clean and safe.

Heiylo Starlight-Opalescence

This is hands down the best place I’ve ever lived. The community is super diverse and everyone is super supportive of each other’s endeavors! There’s equal representation of all genders, sexualities, and so many different ethnic backgrounds! It’s like having the whole world under one roof, there’s nothing like it! Furthermore, there’s acceptance without pretense. The people here have become my family, and they express that in the most beautiful and heartfelt ways everyday! Not to mention all of the fun events that we do!!! Moving here was the best decision of my life 💖

Albert Harrison IV

Very nice place, tenants welcome new tenants and have a family/college vibe , lovely place to move from overseas or anywhere

Jamie Joyce

I moved in and was blown away by the community. I'm really grateful to be here - I'm meeting such awesome people. <3

Jessica Churchill

Lived here twice, once in 2015, and again in 2020. It was a great place to move in during covid bc of the sociability. I needed to be around people and the stay at home isolation was killing my mental health. I was here for 2 weeks before i felt like my old self again. Lots of great people in the house, fun to learn things from

Martine Zaarour

Beautiful and rich experience with amazing people from all around the world. Definitely worth it for those who are looking for a crazy adventure.

David Kajmowicz

Came here to visit for a short span of time to visit a friend but spent a lot of time at Tribe while I was here. For anyone new to the area or just looking to make friends, it's a fantastic environment. Everyone was super friendly and inclusive. There are always events happening with group chats coordinating nights out or game nights and there is a niche for everybody, whatever you're into. Aside from individual bedrooms, it's a shared space so it has that dorm feel to it but much more taken care of in terms of cleanliness. All around awesome experience!